Exhibition “Only 90 years old – the book of Novi Sad Fair”

In the year when the Novi Sad Fair celebrates nine decades of its existence and organises an 80th jubilee International Agricultural Fair, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Only 90 years old – the book of Novi Sad Fair” by the designer Nenad Petrin, who has given a special sensibility to the Fair designs in recent years.

Another cause for the exhibition is the 14th of March, which is when Novi Sad began the first international exhibition and fair of breeding livestock and agricultural products in 1931, the forerunner of the International Agricultural Fair at the Novi Sad Fair.

After the opening of the exhibition we will present the “Peter Davidovic” journalism award, given by the Novi Sad Fair, awarded for the most successful reporting of fair events over one year. The award was established in honor of the great Tanjug journalist and friend of the Novi Sad Fair, Peter Davidovic. The reason for this event is the 60 years anniversary of the existence of Novi Sad Fair’s PRESS centre.

We expect you on Wednesday, 13th of March at 6PM at the Petrovaradin fortress, at the Gallery of applied art, ITD – Institute for Transfusion Design (under the clock or at the exit of the tunnel).

The exhibition will be open until Monday 8th of April.